Providing a Caring Environment Under the Supervision of Our Veterinary Staff.

We realize there is no place like home for your pets and that we cannot duplicate the environment to which they are accustomed. However, it is our purpose to provide a safe, comfortable, and caring home while you are apart.

Dog Accommodations:

Our canine guests are housed in fiberglass cages or runs. The well-lighted environment is appropriately ventilated and maintained at a comfortable temperature. Each cage is regularly provided with fresh water and properly cleaned and sanitized as needed. Your “best friend” is continually monitored throughout the day to ensure his/her health and happiness. Outside exercise is provided twice a day.

Cat Accommodations:

Feline guests are housed in our Cat Ward. They are provided with lambswool fuzzies for comfort in their individual cages. Each cage is properly maintained with fresh water and sanitation. Your cat is continually monitored throughout the day to ensure his/her health and happiness.

Boarding Cost

  • Dog is $25 per night,
  • Cat boarding is $20 per night

All puppies under the age of 6 months will be charged the $15 puppy package charge so we can properly tend to all their specific puppy needs when here.  This additional package will include 2 extra potty breaks per day (for a total of 4 outside walks/potty breaks), 10 minutes of one-on-one play each day, and a special after-play treat.

Medical Board is $10 added to the regular boarding fee. So for a dog would be $35 per night, a cat would be $30 per night.  Medical board would include all diabetic pets and those needing extra medical assistance following surgery with using the bathroom and walking. All patients requiring medical boarding will need approval from the Practice Manager prior to scheduling the reservation to ensure that the staff is properly trained to care for the patient’s  specific needs.

All of our boarding personnel are extensively trained by our veterinarian to give injections and all medications properly.  They will closely monitor for any health or behavior changes that need immediate medical intervention.  They will immediately contact our veterinarian for medical advice and assistance if any changes are observed.  You can rest assured that your pet will receive the best of care and a veterinarian will be on site to help tend to any health concerns that may arise while they are in our care.

All pets must be free of external parasites or they will be treated at the owner’s expense.

We provide the following for your pet during his/her stay:

  • High quality food. We find just the right one to meet your pet’s needs. You may bring food for your pet only if it is a prescription diet prescribed by your veterinarian, or if your pet is sensitive to a diet change.
  • Food and water dishes.
  • Lambswool fuzzies and blankets for bedding. This will insure that the bedding will always be clean and dry.

Hospital services can be performed while your pet is boarded. These include examinations, blood work, dental prophylaxis, grooming, surgery, and vaccinations. Please schedule these services when making boarding reservations.


Additional Services

We also can perform extra amenities for a minimal fee while your pet is here boarding to help tend to their specific needs and normal accommodations that they are used to receiving at home.


  • Puppy Package – We offer 1 extra walks each day while here boarding (which would make a total of 4 walks) outside every day for $15 a day.
  • Therapy Laser – We can do therapy laser sessions while boarding for those senior or arthritic pets who may get stiff and painful while lying in the crate. These can be performed as often as once a day during their stay for $12 per session.
  • Play-time Sessions – We offer play-time sessions for 10 minutes of one-on-one play as often as once a day for $10 per session.
  • Mid-Day Snack – We offer a midday snack of a filled frozen KONG or frozen pumpkin/yogurt treat for them to enjoy in the early afternoon for $4 per snack.
  • Extra Walks –  1 extra walks each day is $10 per day


Please let your friendly front office assistant know if you would like to add on any of these amenities to your pet’s stay when bringing in for their reservation!

Required Immunizations

In order for us to safely board your pets, we do require that your pets have current immunizations (within the past year) before or upon admission for boarding.

Dogs are required to have the following immunizations:
Distemper-Parvo (DHLPP)
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
H3N2/H3N8 Flu

Cats are required to have the following immunizations:
Feline Distemper (FVR-CP)
Feline Leukemia (FLV)