Arthritis Pain Management

Arthritis in pets is very similar to the disease in humans. It is a condition where your pet’s joints become inflamed. As the inflammation increases, the joints become swollen and this results in pain, stiffness, and immobility. We know that recognizing and alleviating pain in animals is good patient care.

Arthritis symptoms range across a wide spectrum from mild to severe. Watching your pet carefully as you interact with him and knowing the warning signs, you as pet owner can detect changes and symptoms early. This allows our veterinarians to begin treatment before symptoms advance to a more severe and debilitating level.

The key to proper treatment is to obtain an accurate diagnosis. A combination of medical history, physical exam, radiographs, and blood tests are required to make an accurate diagnosis and to provide the appropriate medical therapy. Each pet is unique and every treatment program is different. After completing your pet’s arthritis screening, Dr. Violet or Dr. Kozel will customize a treatment program to best meet your pet’s special requirements.

Treatment may include dietary changes, exercise, laser therapy, drug therapy, and weight management. Together, these elements can help relieve joint stress and build muscle strength to help your pet remain happy and comfortable.